Hunting Lunch is a multi-disciplinary studio specializing in branding, illustration, print and interactive design.

Initially the professional alias of designer/art director Yorgos Marinoglou, it has now morphed into a label for freelancers from various fields.

Yorgos Marinoglou graduated in 2008 with an MSc. in Communication Design from Pratt Institute, New York. After a position as junior designer at the digital media department of Atlantic Records, New York City he has been working as a freelance designer and art director. For a complete CV/Resume visit the linked in page here.

Clients include:
Atlantic Records
Aquila Hotels & Resorts
Εναλλακτικός Κύκλος
FM Records
Τα Καραμανλίδικα του Φάνη
SouthEastern Insurance Brokers
Metals Focus
Yellow Rose Professional Cosmetics

Recognition & Awards:

Hunting Lunch
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Psiri, Athens 105 54

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