Università Vanvitelli


CLIENT Università Vanvitelli, Naples, Italy

BRIEF The aim is to design a brand architecture system expressing the University’s uniqueness including a brand and/or logotype. This branding system should be able to adjust in order to create logotypes for all the University departments, centres etc. – a consistent visual identity.

The main points of the brief consist of:
> To have a sense of community.
> Diffuseness and concentration: a connected network.
> The issue of the lack of borders as a metaphorical element. The University goes beyond geographical and
cultural borders to become a linking element.

In addition, the designer shall put forward one merchandising line identified by the contracted name -“la Vanvitelli”- of the University and characterised by an autonomous graphic style, yet referring to the institutional one.



School Logotypes

Department Logotypes



Other Applications

Merchandising Line “La Vanvitelli”

The Concept 
Employing the familiar concept of “connecting the dots” a grid based system has been established that allows for an unlimited number of marks to be created. This way all of the marks maintain a consistent graphical style in order to establish the identity of the university across all communication media.

The Grid
is composed of 18 dots representing the university departments

The System: “Connecting the Dots” 
by connecting the dots with straight lines unlimited marks can be produced for the university, schools, departments etc.

The Mark
illustrates the monogram “UV”. It can also be read as an “LV” (Luigi Vanvitelli”), a welcoming serendipity

The Structure
When wording requires 2 lines

The Structure
When wording requires 3 lines

By the floor plan of Reggia di Caserta by Luigi Vanvitelli