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Apostolis’ Psaropoula

Fish Restaurant

Identity redesign for the 60 year old fish and seafood restaurant on the island of Leros, Greece.

"Psaropoula" is a fish and seafood restaurant on the island of Leros, Greece.

The objective of the logo was to connect the old with the new and the traditional with a spin of modern in a subtle manner. The reason for this is the switch in the menu of the restaurant from strictly traditional and local dishes to traditional but with a spin of cretivity and apetite for experimentation. Subsequently the interior design of the restaurant was revamped along with the branding. Therefore it was decided to rely on the design of the traditional fishing vessel "Psaropoula"* but execute the design in a minimal and modern way.

A requirement also was that the logo will be bilingual.

*"Psaropoula" used to be the boat that follows the fishing vessels and picks up these fish to transport them to the nearest fish market. Today these types of boats are extinct since the fishing vessels are equiped with refrigerated compartments. Traditionaly these boats where coloured white, blue and red although there were rare exceptions.


Psaropoula tou Apostoli






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